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Career Guidance Through Photographs

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“900 exercises in vocational communication”

The 900 exercises in the tool were created from a chart based on the following 5 skills:

A: Oral technique

B: Find out / Collect information

C: Understand a message

D: Produce a written message

E: Appraise a message

Each skill contains about thirty aims spread over 3 levels of difficulty.Aims such as: "Understand, reconstruct, pass on instructions" or "Explain a technical description or instructions to someone, expertise, your strategy", "Establish social contact; recognise social codes (politeness, hierarchy, etc.)" are perfectly suited to the world of work.Each objective gives rise to a work module.Each work module includes:- a page of notes for teachers - generally examples and/or explanations for the learner;- a series of exercises, including a summing-up exercise, all with answers.

The tool includes an “Entry-level” test. This allows the learner, during a meeting with the teacher, to work out his individual training programme. The document “Individual training programme” will be his logbook. He will write in his assessment evaluations as he does the exercises.

To each skill (except skill A, “Oral communication”) and to each of the 3 levels within a skill corresponds a “Summative assessment”. This enables the learner to assess his performance when he has finished a level of difficulty in a given skill. There are therefore 12 summative assessments.

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WORK IT OUT:The tool includes:
- 30 categories of reasoning,
- 4 levels of difficulty for each reasoning category with 3 exercises per level of difficulty, together with their answers and a page of notes for the teacher or teacher trainer with examples of applications, comments and possible variations;
- a "diagnostic test" which makes it possible to select the reasoning categories to be worked on and the level of difficulty to begin with. This gives rise to:
- an individualised teaching programme for each participant on which he can write his own evaluation, highlighting his own criteria for success, at the end of each exercise
- an "exit position" to evaluate the reasoning categories worked on during the sessions.

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The teaching tool “Social Skills”

Nearly 100 role-play situations to do in groups. The activities are divided into 4 types of skill:

· autonomy,

· self-assertion,

· communication,

· adapting to life in a company.

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A presentation in English language to "Bienvenue à Graphoville" and "Welcome to Graphoville". There are two interactive and multimedia DVD to improve and practise French and English.




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"Restaurant Venezia":

Here you find 30 printable exercises for illiterate young people. These exercises are also integrated in the interactive teaching tool for- reading - writing – and comprehension "Restaurant Venezia".

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Users guide of the DVD in 4 languages


100 job descriptions brought to life

This site is under construction. It will be finished in March 2010. You can however already download the job descriptions that have been completed.

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New transparent certification system for young people with no qualification





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