Our approach stems from the experience of teams working in the CIPPA (Cycle d’Insertion Professionnelle Par Alternance, a system of work-integrated learning) which is part of the French education system, for young people aged 16 to 18 who leave school with no idea of what career path they want to follow and no training of any kind.
The young people who come into this system have all encountered difficulty at secondary school. For a lot of these pupils, these difficulties were already manifest in primary school and were of different sorts:
- difficulties at school
- difficulties adapting to the classroom or the subjects taught
- problems at home
- problems with their parents
- psychological or health problems
and, most often, a combination of several of these.
Many young people who arrive in the CIPPA have great difficulty entering the world of work because they lack the social skills required. It therefore seemed essential to work on developing these skills.
In most cases, neither their family environment nor mainstream schooling had succeeded in passing on to these young people the pre-requirements (knowledge, know-how and especially interpersonal skills) so essential to socio-professional integration. And yet, while they were at the CIPPA, these adolescents made progress.
Facilitation was, in the progression of these disaffected pupils, a decisive factor that we considered important to formalise.
    Adhere to certain social standards
    Perform a task in the allocated time
    Develop spatial awareness
    Place yourself in your personal history
    Justify your choices giving well-explained reasons
    Implement strategies appropriate to your needs
    download the chapter on autonomy
    Be able to express yourself
    Be open-minded
    Surpass yourself
    Put into action an educational or vocational project
    Present yourself to advantage
    download the chapter on self-assertion
    Understand/make yourself understood
    Listen to others and oneself
    Tolerance and respect for others
    Work in groups
    download the chapter on communication
Adaptation to life in a company
Understand the life of a company
Integration into the life of a company
Carry out a task
download the chapter on adaptation to life at work