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A collection of 50 printable sketches to improve

and practise English


Created as part of the Leonardo da Vinci European project "Welcome to Graphoville 3" 


This is a new tool, therefore if you find any mistakes, we would be very grateful if you  could inform us by clicking on "Contact" on the home page.


List of difficulties 


The teaching principle consists in presenting all the difficulties separately, to avoid any confusion!






1 Present simple "Max presents"

2 Use of "to get" "Professor Fish's Fish"

3 This / that / what / which "Mr Patel's corner shop"

4 Future "Zita Future"

5 Adverbs of time, frequency "Paul Handsome ..."

6 Used to do (= imperfect) "A story of Professor Heritage"

7 Americanisms "Jack is shooting a film"

8 Contracted forms of be and have "So where is Earnest"

9 Too, enough with word order "Mastoc & Co."

10 Past simple "Dear Edwina..."

11 Much, many, (a) few, (a) little ... "Maria Aria"

12 For "Polombo's investigation"

13 Phrasal verbs "Winston's rap"

14 Present perfect "Arthur's cat"

15 Irregular verbs, past participles "Patsey and the costumes"

16 Indefinite article "Is this your notebook"

17 Comparatives, superlatives "What is new in the laboratory?"

18 Punctuation signs, question tags "Enter the station master"

19 Inverted commas, brackets, dashes "Ivy and the draughts"

20 Every / each, everyone /where, etc. "Pater Patter"

21 Possession "His Lordship's Possessions"

22 All contracted forms "The magic of Tricky Trisha"

23 Since "Help! Ms. College"

24 Prepositions + (verb)-ing "Mysterious Alix"

25 Spelling changes with word endings "Eustace and the sparrow"

26 Question tags "Musidora and her snakes"

27 Possessives ('s) "Maggie Magpie"

28 Present progressive "Onto the street"

29 Questions "Kelly and her customers"

30 Relative clauses "Angila, checkout n°3"

31 Imperatives, infinitive clauses "Who's afraid of Major"

32 Definite article "Letty Posty"

33 Wish (I wish I could) "The bewitching witch"

34 There's a man standing ... "The haunted manor"

35 Conditional "Simon"

36 Adverbs "Dr Franken"

37 When to double the final consonant "Clowns"

38 Modal verbs "Rose Thorn"

39 Polite requests "Lady Snooty"

40 Numbers, cardinal and ordinal, time "Vincent Blackbird"

41 Some, any, no "Axel Timberland"

42 So, (so big, so I'll have to go) "Sophie is so charming"

43 Be, get used to doing "Yannis's restaurant"

44 Neither, nor "Nan is capricious"

45 Ago (+ past sinple) "Con Jugate"

46 Passive voice "The Creature"

47 While, during "Ginny Porter"

48 Most (of), some (of), etc. "The casting of Jennifer"

49 One, ones "The treasure of Turnbull Street"

50 Indirect speech "Bill Boldly"